How to turn one pallet into the cutest console table

Gina, the mastermind behind Kleinworth & Co., swears by this DIY pallet project. She assures in her blog that neither she nor her husband are professional DIYers, so 'if we can do it – you definitely can too'. Gina's project is yet another demonstration of the versatility of pallets when it comes to redecorating on a budget but you don't have the best woodworking skills. All it took her was one pallet, a little bit of paint and a plank of wood for the top. Voilà! She had the cutest console table with almost no effort. 
Another great advantage of a project like this? It doesn't even require disassembling the pallet like many others of this type of project do. Basically, all you need is your personal touch - besides the pallet, of course. Now, before we start reviewing this project, it's always better to stay on the safe side and be aware of a couple safety tips when it comes to using pallets for indoors projects, as the ones explained by Little House In The Suburbs
Here you can see Kleinworth & Co. beautiful finished console table. All it took was preparing the pallet properly, as you should do with any pallet you plan to use indoors. It's necessary to sand it and to seal it. Once your pallet is ready, it's time to paint it with your favorite color. Gina chose a lovely light blue for the bottom and then a maple hue for the top, that she made out of a wood plank. She also made sure of securing the console table to the wall. 
It couldn't be easier to do, and the little effort definitely pays off! 
Here's another version of the same idea, this time by 101 Pallets. Despite this project would be more difficult to achieve than Kleinworth & Co's one, since you'd have to disassemble and cut the pallets to make the table, but it still is a fairly easy project. 
It's bigger surface and storage space turns it into a very functional table, that could work as a foyer table, a TV stand or even a kitchen island. The natural white wash and the metal legs give it a look that would be perfect for those looking for a more industrial touch for their homes. 
Another possibility would be the one presented by Pallet Furniture Plans. This take on the idea shares the simplicity of Kleinworth & Co's project with the industrial look of 101 Pallets' table, so if you were looking for something in the middle, this is definitely a good idea. 
The combination of the hairpin legs and the dark hue on the top of the table gives it the perfect rustic-industrial touch that turns this piece of furniture into a perfect accent table. 
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