Make your own tiered terra cotta planter

Looking for a way to spruce up your regular planters? This is the article you've been waiting for! Tiered planters are a unique way to show off your best outdoor plants without taking up too much space on your porch or in your garden. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to make your space look great. 
With a little elbow grease and a whole lot of imagination, you can take your regular planters up a notch or two. Easy and fun, these projects are great for any garden enthusiast. Let's take a look at a few ideas for how you can make your own tiered terra cotta planter. 
Simple Vertical Planter
Add a bit of beauty to your front porch by creating this simple verticle planter. You can choose whatever flowers or plants you like, but you should keep in mind that only the edges will be visible and useful for flowers to thrive. A blog from Grace and Good Eats reminds us to place the base of the planter where it will be permanently situated because moving it afterwards will be much too heavy and likely cause it to topple over. Simply start with the base, plant around the edges and then add each additional pot. The results are gorgeous! 
Verticle Herb Garden 
This concept  described by Martha Stewart is similar to the one listed above, however, it offers more stability and a larger growing area. You will need five pots, but keep in mind that two of them will not be visible. Instead, they will be placed inside the larger pots to offer a secure base for the entire tower. You can plant as many herbs that will fit along the edges of each pot and inside the entire pot on top.  Spice it up by painting the pots any color of your choice. 
Tilted Herb Garden 
Check out this whimsical idea brought to us by Flip Flop Flower Pots. This kit includes everything you need to make your pots lean in a charming way. The kit essentially includes a rod that you can put through your own pots. You should take care that your base pot is upright and sturdy. The proceeding pots can lean in different directs resting its weight on the base. 
Planter with Bird Bath and other ideas
This is the same concept as described above, but with a few more creative elements. Home Stories A to Z describes just how simple the process really is. Basically, you thread the pots through a rod as indicated in the steps above, but at the top, you can also attach a light mount to work as a mock bird feeder. Keep in mind, the mount will simply be setting on top of the last pot, but the rod should keep it securely in place. You can attach a ceramic bird or even another decoration to give it whatever look you are going for. 
The Micro Gardner reminds us of the countless benefits of a verticle garden. Not only is it an innovative way to plant, but it also saves space as the idea here indicates.  Using a shepherd's hook offers unique design ideas. You can either use it as a rod to put through the entire tower or you can hang a planted tower from it. In the first design, the plants only take up as much ground space as the bottom pot. In the second idea, absolutely no ground space is lost! This is a great idea for people with limited porch space or perhaps have children or animals who are tempted to get into the plants. Either way, it is certain to bright up your garden or lawn. 
These fun ideas should not be kept secret! Don't forget to share with your friends. 

These DIY projects teach you how to make adorable and simple feeders from stuff you already have lying around the house.
May 21   ·