DIY outdoor storage bench ideas

If you're in need of a bench and some outdoor storage, save a little money and create a one-of-a-kind piece. Making your own furniture requires more time, but the results are truly your own, and you can customize your piece to fit your specific needs. Check out a few of these charming ideas to get inspired this summer! 
These projects are deceptively simple and can be done with thrift store finds and relatively cheap materials. 
Beginner storage
If you want to try something a little simpler, this project by Home Talk, is about as easy as it gets. You'll need three larger crates, lumber for a base and top, and legs. After sanding each piece, paint them the color you want and attach it all together. Use steel bolts inside the crates for an industrial twist. 
Reclaimed wood bench
This project from Twig uses an old headboard to create a stunning outdoor bench. If you really want to keep it simple, use an old bookcase (on its side), attach planks for a decorative seating area, and use an old bed frame or door to create the back. Metal baskets work great for outdoor storage, or you could use wood crates. You can also build the bench from crates like above, and then attach a headboard as a unique backrest. 
Sweet and simple
Even beginners can handle this project from DIY Ready. Use an old crate, sanded and painted to your taste (or left natural if you prefer). You'll need to create the top using a wooden board (the same size as the base of your crate), upholstery foam and fabric. If you plan to use this outdoors, make sure you choose a fabric that will hold up in the elements. This is a perfect for a seat for little ones, as a footrest on the porch or for use in the garden. The crate can store your smaller tools and the foam top is great for kneeling on while working the soil or weeding. 
Deceptively Simple
This traditional cedar bench with hidden storage is perfect for small gardening tools and supplies. With a hardware cloth bottom, you won't have to worry about soil or water getting caught inside. The best part, however, is that this darling bench is easy to make. The full instructions are available on This Old House, and is estimated to only take 6 hours to make. 
Pallet Bench
For a more rustic look, build a bench from old pallets. Finished and stained, the bench will last years, but can maintain the shabby-chic look of an old weather-worn bench. Simple shelves make this bench double as a shoe rack or storage for unused pots. 
What do you think of these DIY projects? Share your thoughts in the comments below.