Glue a twig to the end of an old lightbulb to make truly unique accent for your home

Have you made the swap to LED bulbs yet? New efficiency standards are forcing old incandescent lights into the past. Since manufacturers in the USA are no longer making certain types of these bulbs anymore, they're going to become more scarce as time goes on.
Eventually, some types of old incandescents will be pretty rare, so what better way to pay tribute to the not-so-distant past than to create some crafty decor out of them? So next time your old incandescent bulbs burn out, instead of throwing them away, you can repurpose them into unique decor for your home.
1. Sharpie your way to creative light bulb decor
Eclectically Vintage takes doodling to the next level with these sharpie bulbs. They definitely create a different look you aren't going to see every day. The bulbs can even still be used in light fixtures to add a little something extra to an ordinary lamp or sconce. All you need is a marker and your creativity to get started.
2. Light of my life project
This gorgeous project from Blue Eyed Yonder puts a new spin on the old incandescent bulb. The red heart wires inside the bulb are just genius and really tie the whole project together. Don't be intimidated! This is an easy project that will take you step-by-step to the end. And the results? Swoon-worthy!
3. Tiny little terrariums inside light bulb planters (video below)
Thanks to Clad and Cloth, you can spend less than $15 on these little beauties. The supplies are surprisingly inexpensive and the steps are simple. These DIY terrariums will definitely be a conversation starter and a focal piece in your home. They're also low-maintenance, so you can sit back and enjoy your work without having to spend a lot of time taking care of them.
4. Why have real plants when you can have faux fruit?
If you want to create a no-maintenance display, then you'll love these lightbulb pears (thanks Todd & Lindsey). You may not have noticed before, but light bulbs and pears have pretty much the exact same shape. Watch the video below to see this project come together:
So all you need to do is get started winding some twine around your bulbs, and you'll have these rustic pears displayed in your home in no time.
5. Antique bulb with butterfly accents
Like a moth to a flame...your guests will just love this sweet take on a classic phrase. Urban Comfort created this version of light bulb decor from an antique-looking bulb and vellum moths and butterflies. The old-fashioned look of the bulb, plus the candlestick base, add a touch of elegance to this creative idea.
Which light bulb projects inspire you the most? Tell us in the comments. Don't forget to SHARE this inspirational list and keep the fun going. Happy crafting!

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