Top ways to upcycle an old gum container

If you chew gum, you likely go through many containers and toss them out when they're empty. Why not repurpose those old containers into something useful? You already bought it, now do something extra with it! Here are 14 great ideas for crafting them into useful, fun items.
1. Travel toiletries
Stick your cotton balls and swabs in empty gum containers for your next trip to make your bathroom routine (and packing) a breeze.​
2. Purse trash can
Do you constantly find wrappers collecting in the depths of your purse? You need a purse trash can! This clever project from Mod Podge Rocks Blog uses a pill bottle, but a gum container would work, too.
3. Snack container
If you've got kiddos at home, transform those empty gum containers into snack holders. They are perfect for keeping in the car or sending along in lunchboxes.
4. Fairy garden well
Add something special to your fairy garden by creating a whimsical well using an empty gum container as the base.
5. Match container
For the family who goes camping often, an old gum container makes a perfect place to store matches to keep them dry and easily accessible.
6. Jewelry on the go
Stash your jewelry in your gym bag without getting it tangled using an old gum container.
7. Bobby pin holder
Keep all your bobby pins in one place by stashing them in a used gum container. You'll never lose those little guys again!
8. Tiny first aid kit
Always be prepared with this portable first aid kit made from an old gum container. Stash bandages, antibacterial cream, gauze, and pain medicine inside. Keep it in your car or in your purse so you'll be ready to handle any situation.
9. Snowmen gifts
Mentos aren't exactly gum, but their containers make adorable miniature snowmen. The three rounded areas give a great starting point for your own touches. Keep the Mentos inside, or fill the container with whatever you like. These cuties make great gifts around the holidays.
10. Earbud holder
Never get your earbuds in a tangle again! Mint and gum containers make the perfect places to stash 'em, and you can even hook one to your purse with a key ring for easy access. Just add some decorative paper to cover up the label and make it a little classier.
11. Dollhouse trash can
If you have an American Girl doll collector in your home, make a super-cute, doll-sized trash can that actually works. Follow the tutorial at Doll Diaries.
12. Coin container
Never again will you be at a loss for coins when you need some for a toll, a parking meter or at a drive-through.
13. Seed containers
Whether you have gum or Tic Tac containers, reuse them by storing seeds for your garden inside. The little opening makes it easy to pour seeds slowly when you're planting them.
14. Business card holder
So you're a gum chewer, but you prefer the traditional, cardboard packages? Use those old packages to stash the business cards you've collected. You don't want to misplace all your networking connections, after all, and this is the perfect solution.
Which project are you most excited to try? Be sure to share this project with gum-chewing friends!

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