Eco-friendly cleaning: How to make a Swiffer pad from a sock

Everyone loves products that make cleaning easier, and more people are choosing to be environmentally savvy when it comes to cleaning products and implements. This tutorial demonstrates how to make a dry or wet mop cover you can toss in the washing machine – provided you use the mop with an environmentally safe floor cleaner.
Fuzzy socks or other socks with texture, such as those with raised knitted patterns, are best to use with this project. The sock also should have enough elasticity to stretch around the mop head. If it doesn't, try a larger sock.
- Clean adult crew sock
- Fabric shears
- Needle and thread
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1. Place the sock flat on its side. Place your finger on the sock's heel.
2. Fold the sock in half over your finger. Slide out your finger. The heel also should be folded and sticking out as a point.
3. Measure 1/2 inch in from that point. Cut off the point. Unfold the sock.
4. Sew around the cut opening using a blanket stitch to keep the sock from fraying.
5. Slide the mop handle into the sock and up through the hole. Stretch the sock until it covers the mop head.

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